1/28 2WD indoor RACER / READYSET-PRO   

JR128-R01 series models are ultra small high performance 2WD indoor racing
cars with a lot of very advanced opportunities for fine tuning and car setup, which
you might find very surprising in a car of this very small size.

9 built-in ball bearings, an adjustable ball differential with 64dp fine pitch and with V-grooves in the main gears, produced under license of PN racing and a 1S / 3.7V Lipo battery + charger make you really ready to race out of the box.

The cars are already equipped with a 12mm micro servo for steering, a small
2.4 GHz receiver and an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) running with
1S / 3.7V Lipo batteries, providing 5.5V current for receiver and steering.

Various other commercially available steering servos, micro receivers and micro
car ESCs for brushed or brushless motors from other brands can be built in and
used in this car. (Attention: Do not use motors with less than 40 turns (40T)
togehter with this ESC, to avoid damage of the ESC!)

Ask your dealer for our brushless motor and ESC – system and for our 2S Lipo batteries,
if you need 7.4V power supply for your preferred electronics.

Manual Download

The chassis offers the following features:

  • Caster-angle at front suspension adjustable in three positions: 1.1°, 2.7°, 4.4°.
  • Camber-angle at front suspension left and right adjustable: from 0° to -2.5°.
  • Toe-in / Toe-out adjustable at: 0°, +1°, +2°, -1°, -2°.
  • Droop limits at front suspension free adjustable.
  • Adjustable springs at front suspension.
  • Ground clearance front and rear adjustable on 4 levels in steps of 0.7mm.
  • Longitudinal damper with spring and droop-spring fully adjustable.
  • Cross-dampers with springs for fine tweak adjustment.
  • Rear scale body holder adjustable in height with included washers. Second

rear scale body holder for wider scale bodies included.

  • Front scale body holder set adjustable to most scale bodies from other brands
    for wide front and 98mm or 102mm wheelbase.

Content of the Box:

Fully assembled Ready to Run JR128-R01 PRO RC Car:

  • High Resistance Professional Chassis
  • Jomurema Design GT01 Body
  • Adjustable Front Suspension
  • Adjustable Rear Suspension
  • 9x Ball Bearings
  • Ball Differential (V-Groove PN)
  • Brushed Stock Motor / 130 Class
  • FS-GT2 / 2.4GHz digital proportional Receiver
  • 12mm Steering-Servo;
  • 1S / 3.7V programmable brushed ESC

Lithium Polymer (Lipo) Battery:

  • 1S / 3.7V / 840mAh / 25C Lipo Battery

Manuals and Decal:

  • Manual for JR128-R01-PRO indoor Racer
  • Color Decal for Car Body

Charger for Lipo Battery:

  • 1S / 3.7V / Lipo Charger
  • Approx. 1A charging Current

Miscellaneous Parts and Tools (8 Bags):

  • Cross-Screwdriver; Hex-Wrench-1.5mm; +3 different plastic Tools
  • Front Body-Holder-Adjustment-Set for many other Car Bodies
  • Miscellaneous adjustment Parts and Washers
  • Steering- Servo-, Rear Body-Holder and Adjustment Parts
  • Other Pinions and replacement Gear for Change of Car-Speed
  • Steel- and Replacement Parts and Springs for Change of Setup
  • O-Rings for Replacement
  • Screws for Replacement
  • All plastic Parts from plastic RTR-Set

FS-GT2 / 2.4 GHz digital proportional

Radio Transmitter:

  • Channels: 2channels; Model type: car / boat
  • RF power: less than 20dbm; Modulation: GFSK
  • Code type: digital; Sensitivity: 1024
  • Low voltage warning: yes (less than 9V)
  • DSC port: yes (3.5mm); Charger port: yes
  • Power: 12vdc (1.5AA*8); Weight: 328g
  • ANT length: 26mm;
  • Size: 159*99*315mm; Color: black
  • Certificate: CE, FCC;

Attention: 8x AA-Batteries for Transmitter required, but not included!